Pumpkin – Strawberry Crown


Cucurbita maxima

92 days.

Seed collector Mary Schultz brought this variety to America from Brazil in the 1980s. Fruits are round, slightly flattened and slightly ribbed with a gorgeous strawberry colour around the top (hence the name, Strawberry Crown). The colour and sweetness intensify with storage. Excellent keeper…actually the best of our pumpkins and squashes in 2016-2017. Perfect baked or pureed. Flesh is yellow, smooth, rich and not stringy like many pumpkins.

Although this variety is originally from South America, it has been a surprise success in our shorter, northern climate. Strong vining plants with about 4 pumpkins maturing per vine (more if you have a longer growing season).

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Grown by Sacred Garden Farm in Clementsport, NS.

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