Garlic – Rocambole – Phillips


8010   Allium ophioscorodon


Phillips is a beautiful find! A trip to MOFGA’s Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine some years ago got Andrea into the farm market alley of booths, right at garlic harvest. Beautiful braids of Phillips caught her eye, with their beautiful purple striping on the wrappers, and large bulb size for a rocambole. She picked up a few bulbs of this local strain, and tried it out in her then NB gardens.  Excellent results every season hence. Good rocambole sweet flavour, hardy disposition. Short but stocky plants with large bulbs. 6-10 cloves/bulb.

Rocamboles have an average of 6-11 cloves per bulb, somewhat flattened bulb shapes, and brownish to red-purple clove skins that are easy to peel.

Garlic ships in September for Fall planting
Please note: We cannot ship garlic outside of Canada.

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