Cucumber – Tante Alice

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2001 Cucumis sativus

(ENGLISH/SLICER) 65-70 days.

Tante Alice comes to Hope Seeds through Seeds of Diversity Canada’s annual seed exchange. We received it from member Antoine D’Avignon, but this very rare variety can be traced back to Alice Gosselin of Dorchester, QC. At 88 years young in 1988, Mrs. Gosselin was growing this cucumber in her gardens. SoDC members have continued its preservation for the last decade with good reason! English-style slicers grow 12″ to 14″ long on vines that, if trellised, will encourage straight fruits. Excellent flavour and shows disease-resistant qualities.

~ 35 seeds/g

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Read about Don Haight’s experience growing Tante Alice in the Digby Courier:

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1 review for Cucumber – Tante Alice

  1. Andrew

    Unbelievable field-grown cuke! Loves a trellis and produces plenty of fruit in no time at all. All the style of a greenhouse english cuke but with some real flavour. We won’t ever grow another variety.

    • hopeseed

      Thank you for the kind and positive feedback. Best of luck in 2020 with the crops! 🙂

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